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A Forest Stewardship Plan is a 5 year plan that describes:

  1. the planned areas of interest (known as Forest Development Units or FDUs) that will contain harvesting and road activities, and

  2. results and strategies for each FDU that are consistent with the legislation and objectives set by government. The results and strategies describe how the legislation and objectives set by government will be achieved.

Coast Tsimshian Resources LP has a Forest Stewardship Plan in the Kalum Forest District that covers Tree Farm License 1 and Forest License A16835. A supporting document has also been prepared which includes rationales for the results and strategies described in the FSP, as well as providing descriptions of how the FSP relates to certain forest values. While the supporting document is not a legal part of the FSP, it is intended as a guide to help further explain the FSP.

The FSP for TFL 1 and FL A16835, as well as the supporting document, are available for viewing by clicking these links: ( PDF-1 PDF-2) (2016 Public review - PDF-3 PDF-4).

Area Maps (PDF)  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

The FSP does not show specific road and block locations, however this information is available for TFL 1 and FL A16835 on the Ministry of Forests & Range (Kalum Forest District) website at the following link: 

If you have any questions regarding our forest development, please stop by our office at 4905 Keith Avenue or call Christopher Johnston, Planning Forester at 250-615-2040 ext 115 during normal business hours.



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